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You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me C S Lewis

Likes Harry Potter, BBC's Merlin, Marvel's The Avengers and TNT's The Librarians

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Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Hi *waves*. I’m hawkguyhasstarbucks or Riley. I’m 31 years old (for those comms that require age statements). I’m short - just under 5 feet. I have short hair that I dye - black currently. I wear glasses. I’m a geek and I enjoy it. I attended Henry Ford Community College, where I picked up a Medical Receptionist's certificate. I'm pagan. I have eight tattoos so far (an ankh, an moon/star sunburst, a howling wolf, a fairy, the Hogwarts crest, a series of pagan/Wiccan symbols, a yin/yang with wolf paws, and Clint Barton with wings), I plan on getting more. I’m a sun sign Pisces and act like it most of the time, except when my Taurus moon kicks in.

 photo queerly me.jpg

I’m a multi fandom shipper:

Harry Potter, where I ship Snarry, Snagrid, Snupin, Bill/Charlie, Drarry, Harry/Scorpius, Remus/Sirius, Al/Scorp, James/Al, Harry/Al, and Harry/Hagrid

BBC’s Merlin, where I ship Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine, Arthur/Percival, Arthur/Leon/Gwaine, Merlin/Gaius, Gwaine/Arthur, Merlin/Percival, Leon/Gwaine, Gwaine/Percival, Leon/Arthur, Gwaine/Leon/Percival, Elyan/Percival, Merlin/Uther, Leon/Percival and Leon/Merlin. I also ship Merlin RPS/RPF Bradley/Colin, Colin/Eoin, Bradley/Colin/Eoin, Colin/Rupert, Eoin/Rupert, Bradley/Eoin, Eoin/Tom, Rupert/Tom, Colin/Richard and Bradley/Tom

MCU/AoS, where I ship Bruce/Clint, Bruce/Tony, Clint/Coulson, Steve/Coulson, Steve/Thor, Clint/Thor, Bruce/Steve, Tony/Steve, Bruce/Thor, Steve/Natasha, Bruce/Tony/Clint, Coulson/Fury, Clint/Tony/Steve, Bruce/Natasha, Phil/Tony, Clint/Steve, Fury/Coulson/Clint, Tony/Thor, Steve/Tony/Bruce, Clint/Pietro, Steve/Bucky, Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers and OTP FitzMacktaking a bit of a break from marvel

The Librarians, where I ship Jacob/Ezekiel, Ezekiel/Jenkins, Jacob/Cassandra/Ezekiel, Jacob/Jenkins, and Cassandra/Estrella

Give me time, I’ll add more pairings. I'm always willing to read new pairings. I’m character driven - if I like someone I want to see them happy, I pair them up with whoever makes sense to me.

 photo everythingsticker.jpg

I’m extremely socially awkward. If you’re friending me, you should be aware of that. If we become more then comment friends, I’m giving to the point insanity. I take care of those close to me, it’s what I do.

If we’re already friends *hugs* you’re awesome and you know how cool I think you are. And if you don’t, tell me so and I will fan-out with you.

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